Milly Sweetspot

Milly Sweetspot
art direction, branding, creative direction, photography

Micro-dosing helps cannabis users find the right dosage for their needs and we wanted to capture that when developing this package design system for Sweetspot, a new brand and product line created by Northeast Alternatives, the most awarded dispensary in Massachusetts.

Offered in five formulas and seven flavors, these hard-shell candies and jellybeans all hit differently so it was important to create a visual language that was intuitive, allowing users to not only identify the effects easily but also the dosage. The final designs feature a bright color code system for the various formula effects paired with a clean and contemporary architecture for dosages, which is a piece of the variable information which is updated on the labels with every new batch.

Creative Director: John Jaxheimer
Photographer: Nicholas Routzen
Art Direction: Nick Bloom-Scaglione
Studio: Symphony Studios
Production: Le Beau

Business, Photography
art direction, branding, creative direction, photography