Milly Farm to Fam

Milly Farm to Fam
art direction, branding, creative direction, design, photography, production

Cannabis extract and concentrate products are only as good as the ingredients used to create them, and this positioning served as our foundation for the development of the Farm to Fam brand and package design systems. For the farmers at Northeast Alternatives who developed the Farm to Fam formulas, using only simple, whole ingredients that they themselves prefer was key to creating a brand which offers full-spectrum products that harnesses the holistic healing power of cannabis.

Informed by the core brand positioning and values, both the logo and package design systems were crafted to be reflective of a natural, simple, sustainable, and accessible collection of products offered to both medicinal and recreational consumers. A simplified iteration of the logo was developed for smaller packaging applications while black matte glass wrapped with natural kraft paper helped to pop the logo while offering a sustainable solution. The result – packaging that is both aesthetically aligned with the brand promises while being easily identifiable on the many dispensary shelves where Farm to Fam is already being offered.  

Creative Director: John Jaxheimer
Photographer: Nicholas Routzen
Art Direction: Nick Bloom-Scaglione
Studio: Symphony Studios
Production: Le Beau

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art direction, branding, creative direction, design, photography, production