Le Beau Clothing

Le Beau Clothing
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LE BEAU originated as a casual rock n roll tee line, based in both NYC and LA. We started as a small boutique collection creating limited edition, unisex runs. Every tee is individually hand screened, loose fitting, long, monochromatic and features descending necklines with a clean curve-stitched finish. They also happen to be produced using some of the softest fabrics out there.

As founders, we’ve been hands on throughout every aspect of the brand’s evolution. From brand design through production – logo, fonts, graphics, design, fabric selection, trademarking, marketing and visual campaigns – we wanted to ensure that each of the three collections reflected our vision. What began as a grass roots tee line has led to the genesis of a creative agency built upon the same high standards.

When concepting Le Beau we wanted to keep the name French, cursive, sexy, and something that would roll right off the tongue. The name LE BEAU has been interpreted as “the beautiful”, “one’s beau”, or “one’s lover wearing their beau’s clothing”, none of which we’re against, we love it all.


Photography: Nicholas Routzen

Models: Shaun Ross, Micky Ayoub, Harvey Newton, Lauren Garrison, Yaya Kosikova, Margarita Kallas

Director of Photography: Nicholas Routzen

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apparel design, branding, design, photography, production, retouching, video