Salt + Air

Salt + Air
branding, casting, creative direction, design, photography, production, video

SALT + AIR is a passion project we created to help the non-profit, Surf For Life, raise funds and support for their organization. We’ve always had a deep love for the ocean and for supporting non-profits. The concept of SALT + AIR is to utilize resources within the art and fashion world to create a large scale black and white exhibition, calendar, and coffee table book to raise funds for Surf For Life. With the massive amount of support we received we were able to lead a successful Kickstarter campaign, getting the entire crew to the waters of Puerto Rico for 10 days to shoot all the visuals. While this is a long term project and will be moving in multiple stages we first launched the calendar in tandem with MILK Studios NYC, where the event was held. The next stage of the project will be the coffee table book and exhibition.

SALT + AIR is concepted around rich, timeless, black and white photography based in and around the ocean and amongst mother nature’s backdrop. Each of our incredible models were hand-picked and all brought something irreplaceable to this project. While the female form plays a big role in this exhibition, we also wanted to focus on the small intimate unscripted moments between the subject and shooter.

Photography: Nicholas Routzen

Models: Barbara Fialho, Hannah Ferguson, Abby Brothers,

Yaya Kosikova, Kate Potter

Hair: Staci Child

Makeup: Cheyenne Timperio

Director of Photography: Nicholas Routzen

Editor: Stephen Venezia

Business, masonry, Photography
branding, casting, creative direction, design, photography, production, video